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Bridges and Dentures

Dental bridge

Dental bridge is a fixed and permanent prosthesis that replaces one or more teeth. It utilizes the remaining dentition an as anchor. There are several factors that collaboratively help us determine whether Dental Bridge is the right choice and what type of Dental bridge will have a better longevity and aesthetics

Removable Dentures:

A dentures or partial dentures are removable replacement for missing teeth.  Dentures usually made from acrylic resin and may contain other materials such as porcelain or metal.
There are different types of dentures some  can be fit to go over implants, some utilizes the adjacent natural dentition as an anchor.
The making of a denture usually requires a series of appointments.  Our dentists coordinate appointments with our state of the art dental laboratories so that you may receive the best possible service.
Even though dentures are not a replacement for natural teeth they should be made to feel comfortable and provide function and esthetics.
Dentures may be the treatment choice necessary for you if you’ve lost, or are losing four or more consecutive teeth.

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