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Dr. M Kamel  earned his Doctoral Degree from Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. He has a strong clinical background and is skilled in all aspects of general dentistry, including cosmetic and implant dentistry. Dr. Kamel is certified in Invisalign therapy for select orthodontic cases, and has completed a mini-residency in implant placement at Montefiore Medical Center. He is an active member of the Massachusetts Dental Society, and American Dental Association. Dr. Kamel is licensed to practice dentistry in Massachusetts and Illinois.
 Dr Kamel is very well known for his professional and dedicated work.

Dr. Kamel also worked in biomedical engineering research, with interest in the field of tissue engineering, nano-scaffolding and stem cells bioengineering. He has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Boston University.
In his free time, he likes running, skiing, traveling and spending time with wife and baby girl!

Dr. Zakkoom (Zak) has been practicing the rare art of advanced dentistry since 1997 in the prestigious world class city of Dubai, where only spectacular is acceptable;

“ I have learned through practicing for more than ten years in Dubai, that you can only provide the best outcome at all times!”

To further his knowledge, Dr. Zak moved to Chicago where he graduated from the University of Illinois, Chicago. Dr Zak earned his doctoral degree in Dental Surgery in 2014.
Dr Zak moved to Boston where he met his wife (Ghofran) “is the best thing that happened to me!” he said, “ I fell in love with the city, it’s heritage and diversity”…
Dr. Zak is an active member of the American Dental Association and Massachusetts Dental Society.
In his spare time, Dr. Zak can be found exploring the city with his wife
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