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Washington Park Dental is located in 330 M.L.K Jr Blvd, Boton, MA 02119

Our dental team is committed to providing our community with Professional Services in a caring environment.Our Dentist are professional yet friendly making your experience positive to you and your family.
Our dentists provide a range of Dental Services for our Community including Routine Dental Check, Prophylactic and preventive dental care, fillings, deep scaling and root planning (Deep cleaning), Teeth Whitening , Root Canals, mouthguard,Veneers, Same day Crowns and Invisible braces. We provide after hours and weekend dental services to fit your schedule and for emergencies.

New patients are welcome ! our dentists in Roxbury happily provide dental treatments for adults and children in Watertown, Newton, Allston and Cambridge.

If you need a teeth filling, crown, bridge or denture? Our dental team is happy to help you and your family.  Visit us or give us a call

Parking is free at 333 Warren St, Boston MA 02119, we can also be reached by bus!

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