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Veneers are the permanent solution for discolored or chipped front teeth. Unlike the bonding that is sometimes applied to chipped front teeth as an emergency solution, veneers tend to cover more, looks amazingly better and bonds very strongly to your natural tooth.

Our dentists in Washington Park Dental in Roxbury are comfortable designing and fabricating veneers that fit well, look amazing.

How does it work?

1. Case selection is an important step towards fabricating a natural and long lasting restorations. Our Dentist in Watertown will take Diagnostic X-Rays, take simple yet diagnostic impressions for your present teeth.

2. Our laboratory create a demonstration of your proposed treatment using wax model.
3. If both patient and dentist agree on the plan.

A veneer is a thin (1-1.5 mm) layer of porcelain, that cover the facial part of the tooth after minor prepping, after that we take an impression for the preps, now if it is a single tooth veneer, our office in Watertown has a state of the Art Cerec machine ito give you the best results, but if we are restoring your smile on more than a tooth, we will recommend asking our Laboratory, one of the top dental laboratories nationwide to create them for us.

4. We try the final product, both of patient and dentist agree to result, we permanently cement them in place.

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